A Vast Selection of OBDII Tools

Everyday, hundreds of customers search and browse ITCDiag.com  to meet their diverse and demanding needs. itcdiag has developed a vast collections of OBDII tools, including: OBDII / OBD2 scanner, OBDII cable and connector, car and truck diagnostic tool, ECU programmer, car key programmer, auto locksmith tool, mileage programmer, auto electronics, and more on auto repair and maintenance tools.The Performax® Automotive Tool lineup offers a wide selection of tools for your auto needs including diagnostic, lubrication, interior/exterior, electrical, and hand tools. They are great for the average home project and the everyday professional. The Performax® Can OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool is compatible with most models of cars with OBD2 controllers installed to read and identify the Diagnostic Trouble Codes. This tool can also be used to turn off your check engine light and erase trouble codes. Included is a user manual which includes the most current trouble codes for ease of use.Works with most 1996 and later American, European, and Asian cars with OBD2 controllers installedReads your (DTC) Diagnostic Trouble Codes for indentificationTurns off check engine light (MIL)Erases (DTC) trouble codes and resets the OBD2 system.Includes an user manual with the most current trouble codesShipping Dimensions: 9.5 H x 6.1 W x 1.75 D